The oldest testimony of human presence at Myrina are dated in 4.000 b.C. The first inhabitants were settled on the small peninsula of the Officer’s Club, where today one can see the only visited place of prehistoric Myrina. The settlement was 80.000 acres big and had a population of 3.000 -4.000 thousand.

At the archaeological site one can see wide rectangular buildings divided in 2-3 connected rooms. They were made of stone with a roof made of wood, seaweed and mud. The floors were made of dirt, shells or gravel. Some buildings have stone paved yard, well, storage, stone benches and cookery. You can easily see the early urban structure, the sewer and the roads. Findings were very close to the surface (20-30 cm) and showed a farmer, fishermen, hunter and traders’ society. There were also people who worked with wood, stone and bronze, which certify Lemnos’ characterization as “Hephaestus’ island”.