Churches in Lemnos are quite impressive, not only because of their number but also thanks to their architech. Chapels, monasteries, churches and shrines, all imply people’s connection to religion.

All these buildings, though, have the architectural style of the island, like the stone temple of        at Kontias or Ag. Sozon at Fisini, which has the traditional covered gallery of the island’s buildings.

Churches also bare an interesting inner decoration, consisted of paintings with religion theme and the work of great stonemasons.

Another interesting fact is that next to some churches one can find a spring of “agiasma”, “holy water”, like at the temple of Zoodohos Pigi, at Kotsina or that of Ag. Charalampos. Concerning the latter, according to tradition, believers carry pebbles from the near beach to the shrine on their heads, in order for their request to be granded.

The most weird, though, sight of a church is that of Panagia Kakaviotissa, whose roof is litteraly the rock, as it is build inside the mountain!


Celebrations – services – festivals

…at Kakaviotissa

Every Easter Tuesday there is a religious service in this built in the rock little church. Enjoy the unique route there.

…at Kotsinas

On Easter Friday a celebration along with a cattle market takes place. Believers come to the temple of Zoodochos Pigi to get some “agiasma” (holy water). They have to walk down innumerous (according to tradition) steps, in order to get under the church to the spring.

…at Profitis Ilias

On July 20th, at Therma, Profitis Ilias’ is celebrated. The little church is found on the top of the hill, giving great views to almost the whole island.

…at Metamorfosi Sotiros

This celebration takes place on August 6th, at Sotiros cape, in a little chapel over the picturesque port. This beautiful place is between Panagia and Plaka villages and attracts a lot of people every year.



A lot of festivals take place on the island in summertime. They are local, but most of the time they are accompanied by food, music and dancing. Those are the following:

Agia Marina, July 17th, at Livadochori and Nea Koutali.

Agios Ermolaos, July 26th, at Atsiki.

Agia Paraskevi, July 26th, at Thanos and Myrina.

Sotiros, August 6th, at Plaka and Agariones.

Panagia, August 15th, at Tsimandria, Kaminia, Kaspakas, Panagia and Myrina.

Ag. Sozon

We should especially mention Agios Sozon and its great festival on September 7th. The celebration used to last for 3 days, whereas today people still offer their gifts to the saint in order to avoid sickness. Besides the celebration though, the near beach worths a visit for swimming, adventure and photo shooting.